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How to use pull rod box reasonably

Generally, the service life of pull rod box with good quality is several years, but if it is used properly in daily life, the service life of pull rod box can be increased by reducing the wear of box. Today, love free bags to tell you how to use the trolley box reasonably, to understand it.
1. Pay attention to dampproof and light proof
In order to prevent the trolley box from getting damp, when not in use, the trolley box shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place. In addition, in order to avoid fading or embrittlement of the outside of the trolley box caused by strong light, the trolley box shall not be placed in a high temperature environment or a place directly exposed by strong light.

2. Avoid excessive load on Trolley Case
Excessive and excessive load capacity is easy to cause damage to the trolley case and other parts. Therefore, when the trolley case is loaded with goods, it is necessary to pay attention not to be too heavy. When the zipper is used, it must be pulled to avoid damage to the zipper due to the use of pull mode. When the trolley is used, it is not necessary to drag it directly to the environment with high drop such as up and down stairs. It is necessary to use the handle to extract.
3. Pay attention to cleaning work
When the trolley box is not in use, it must pay attention to the cleaning work, clean the outside and inside of the trolley box completely, so as to prevent the dirt from corroding the trolley box for a long time. If the trolley case is made of leather, the maintenance of the leather case should be paid attention to, especially the leather case. The maintenance should be very careful and should not be used indiscriminately. When the leather case is maintained, a special cleaner should be used. If there is any stain that cannot be completely removed, do not use a cloth or brush. It is better to give a special case maintenance shop to help you deal with it so as not to damage it Box.

How to use pull rod box reasonably
What should be paid attention to in daily use of bags

Luggage is a kind of storage tool that we use more in our daily life. In many cases, the luggage becomes dirty, worn or discolored, which is not caused by the long use time. It may only be caused by our lack of attention in the use process. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the luggage, especially some valuable luggage, we must pay more attention in normal use, Now, let's learn about it with you.
1. When using the handbag, try to avoid frequent friction between the handbag and jeans, because it is easy to dye.
2. When sharp articles are stored in bags, they must be completely packed and put again. And those items that are likely to be cut or damaged should not be put in the baby bags. Do not hard plug or put too heavy items, otherwise the bags will be deformed or damaged.
3. Do not stick labels or adhesive tapes on the bags, which can easily cause peeling of the skin when they are pulled off.
4. When opening and closing the lock of the case, do not mix foreign matters in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the case.
5. In rainy and snowy weather, try to avoid using leather bags such as suede, frosted leather and suede, because once a large area is stained with water, it will be difficult to handle, and the leather will become hard.
6. If the hand is prone to perspiration, it is better to use arm satchel or shoulder backpack as much as possible, but less hand bag, otherwise perspiration will easily leave stains on the handle of the bag.
7. Direct light and heating for a long time will cause discoloration, discoloration and deformation of bags. Try to avoid long-term contact between bags and sunshine and heating.

What should be paid attention to in daily use of bags
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